Conservative Politicians

Conservative Politicians are those who reflect the values of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Judeo-Christian values on which our nation was founded. Below are our politicians that I believe are led by these principles. If you are someone who is not sure how to screen a candidate, I would encourage you to check out the end of this page titled ‘Not all politicians are the same!’ Then go to the pages and read the documents that made this nation the freest and most prosperous nation on earth & gain understanding on how this is being jeopardized.

House Districts

Senate Districts

Senator Rick Santorum

Former Senator & Presidential Candidate

Bold and courageous in his convictions. Because of his character, he has made an impact despite the media continuing to ignore him. He Stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the way the founders intended, without the compromise seen in today’s political climate.

Bud Pierce- Candidate for Governor

It was nice meeting Bud Pierce.  I was glad that he did seem conservative, yet thinks through his positions instead of taking the standard ‘bull dog’ approach.  Many Oregonians that might otherwise vote more liberal will appreciate his thoughtful views.  Even though there were a few differences on some issues, I thoroughly respect Bud’s reasonable approach and see him as an honest candidate and will be pleased if he gets elected.

Rep. Dennis Richardson

Candidate for Secretary of State

As a former lawyer, he knows how government works. This is beneficial when advocating and making good decisions on the Ways and Means committee. Honest, trustworthy, stellar moral character, and has been a great communicator to Oregonians with his informative newsletters. Because of his intricate political knowledge and integrity, he knows how to work well with democrats, even though they are in the majority.

OR Senator Kim Thatcher District 13

She’s a principled person. She knows when to work across the isle & she knows when to hold her own- sticks to her ‘guns’. Also very outspoken on defending the 2nd amendment. Carries an innate sense of right and wrong.

Sen. Brian Boquist District 12

Great sense of humor. He’s tireless- active in the military, has a business, seems to have a sense that this is ‘a “huge” calling’. Works hard. There aren’t many people as principled as Sen. Boquist.

Rep. Bill Post HD 25

As a local radio personality, he seems very out going, likeable, and funny. Commented recently on issues of life. Seems to have deep convictions on conservative principles.

Ron Noble- Candidate for HD  #24

Ron Noble is a soft spoken, kind man.  Because of his past experience as McMinnville’s Police Chief, moving into the representative position in Salem will be an easy transition.  He has an honorable reputation and I look forward to getting to know him more.

Rep. Mike Nearman HD 23

Mike, as seen by the video seems to be authentic and grounded in integrity and conservative principles.  I think we will be blessed to have him in Salem.

Commissioner Stan Primozich Pos. 1

A true conservative who seems to know what he’s talking about.  Out of 5 primary candidates, Stan was most knowledgeable on the most important issues of our time.  Gets along with the other commissioners well.

Allen Springer w/ Kathy George (former commissioner)

Yamhill Co. Commissioner Positions #2

Bold in his beliefs as an outspoken Christian- he walks his talk. Cares about everyone, yet is led by conviction. Sees the potential in everyone and finds the potential in each challenge that the region faces.

200 Public Prayer

Mary Starrett

Yamhill Co. Commissioner position #3

Very kind, yet bold. Can be trusted to do the right thing in supporting the Bill of Rights and limiting government. Has to spunk to continue to be very active and outspoken. Right to life and right to bear arms are just 2 of the issues that she values.

Not all politicians are the same!

Not all politicians are the same! I know because I get to meet some of them. The best way I know how to differentiate politicians is to divide them into 4 camps. Liberals, conservatives, mixed bag (they call them moderates), and libertarians. This is my opinion based on thought out observation:

Liberals – They are sometimes led out of their personal convictions, yet if they surpass the point of being ‘moderate’ or mixed bag, it’s probably because they’re being supported by a vast amount of special interests. Liberals SPEND, usually beyond just their convictions; they hold the values of Hollywood, United Nations, and those super rich and powerful proponents of the NWO.

Conservatives – They believe in either Biblical values or Constitutional values, but usually both. Conservatives usually get heavily criticized in the media because Hollywood elites for the most part have become void of many Biblical/traditional American values- the ‘elites’ are more into New Age philosophies which are mostly anti-God; ‘Special interests’ criticize conservatives because they want money and true ‘conservatives’ won’t take from tax payers & give money to them- so they will use their power and influence to demean true conservatives.

I mention Hollywood ’elites’ and ’special interests’ to explain how conservatism has gotten a bad rap in today’s pop culture, even though they believe in constitutional American values

Mixed bag (moderates) – Typically moderate Democrats can’t get elected anymore because the special interests will hound them until they give in to their liberal agenda. ‘Moderates’ are found in the Republican party more because they have found it necessary to stay in power, they need to compromise. This is generally because the media is relentless on them and will marginalize them. Most people are uninformed as to what the media is doing, so if the media says the politician is bad, then they tend to believe it as fact. I do have some respect for those who operate as ‘moderates’ on their own convictions rather than being bought off, but they are rare.

The media won’t always lie, but will just ignore what a liberal is doing even if it’s very corrupt. So if a politician wants real power, he’ll be a liberal. If the politician wants to keep constitutional values, he’s in for the fight of his life. I have found the if the media ignores or even hates the candidate or politician, they are usually the most friendly to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Libertarians- They just want the government to leave them alone and they want to leave others alone, too. Often this means fiscally conservative and more socially liberal. Although in today’s spiritual climate, this could be a very popular viewpoint; however, conservatives, such as myself, ultimately believe in a God who is concerned about what not only an individual does, but a nation, too. In other words, we believe in divine judgment. The Bible is clear that righteous nations and leaders will be blessed. In contrast, an immoral nation cannot stand for long as we are seeing. Our founders understood the need for morality and often quoted scripture.

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